Outdoor Cabinet

We have experience and expertise in offering customised cabinets in various dimensions with all accessories and integrated thermal management units which can meet the needs to various industries like Telecom, IT, Oil & Gas & various other industries.  The cabinets complies IP 55 level protection and can be manufactured with material such as CRCA, GI & SS.

ODC Cabinets with following options are available: –

•       ODC with Fan Filter: Image
•       ODC with HEX: Image
•       ODC with Aircon: Image

ODC With Aircon
ODC With Hex
ODC With Fan Filter


ODC are available in various sizes from 6U to 42U

  • Single wall sheet metal (GI sheet) 1.6mm with Insulation 20mm duly powder coated
  • Heavy duty Base Plinth in 2.5mm Thickness
  • Complied IP55 protection
  • Vandal resistance design with 3-point Locking mechanism with Additional Padlock
  • Roxtec Comseal 10/10 on side wall
  • Smoke detector
  • LED light
  • Door switch
  • Provision of 02 diagonally opposite earth bolt
  • DCDB for Load termination
  • Krone Panel with 150 pair
  • 19” -21U mounting space
  • 19” earth strip (25 x 5mm) provided with suitable hardware


Computer room / Telecom shelter

  • CNC Machine / Control panels.
  • Street Cabinet cooling.
  • Small equipment room
  • Small server
  • Telecom 
  • IT 
  • Oil & Gas
  • Various other industries
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