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Infokool Solution is specialized in designing, developing, manufacturing and supplying the cooling system for varieties of precision cooling, industrial refrigeration and Telecom applications. Especially designed high sensible, energy efficient and tropicalized to Indian high ambient condition units for telecom, BTS shelter, servers room, electronic enclosures, Cabinet cooling & industrial process machineries are perfect fit for customer desire of low initial and lessor operational cost Solution. The cooling products of the company are now widely used by well known domestic equipment manufacturers and service provider such as L&T, Schneider, Pace Power, Tata Communication, Reliance Jio, Vodafone etc.

Infokool continuously invests time and resources in its own R&D for innovation and focused towards latest technology trends. The company is enriched with its 18 years of cooling expertise spread from Telecom, Industrial and precision cooling segment.  Infokool stands for technologically customised product best suit to a given requirement and customer satisfaction.

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Are you afraid you may choose the wrong appliance? Don’t worry, we won’t let that happen. Infokool has experts ready to guide you through the process. All you have to do is schedule a call and we will be more than happy to get in touch with you.

With the recent growth of India’s Industrial sector we realised that large industries cannot function smoothly without an efficient cooling system. Industrial areas like power plants, petro – chemical plants, semiconductor plants etc need a specific cooling system to ensure their products remain safe and efficient. Some products must be stored in cool places while others are only processed under a certain temperature. Industrial areas also play an important role in the kind of cooling that is sufficient for the place.

Infokool understands the intricate requirements of the industrial sector in India and we use this knowledge to provide unparalleled industrial cooling facilities in India. Our aim is to focus on an environment friendly approach that does not compromise on cooling provisions.

Solar powered appliances produce very little greenhouse gas after they are installed. Since, they do not use electricity they conserve fuels.

The hydro-chlorofluorocarbons and the chlorofluorocarbons emitted from a regular air-conditioner keeps you cool but it also has an adverse effect on the nature around us. Studies show that these pollutants are one of the main reasons for ozone depletion.

Solar Air Conditioners, on the other hand, use less electricity and allow for solar power storage so that you can benefit from it even when the sun is not overhead. Different Solar AC’s vary from each other; some alternate to electric power when it has finished its reserve. However, it all Solar appliances automatically trap solar energy the next time it is exposed to sun.

Solar cooling appliances are evergreen. We use an energy that is available to us for free! And by using it we reduce the amount of pollutants that are dispersed in the air.

Air Conditioners have a closed loop cycle in the refrigerant section which needs to be pressurised by the compressor, located in the condenser, for us to receive cool air. With Solar Air Conditioners, when we fit an external solar panel for it, the heat trapped by the panels create pressure on the closed loop and produces cool air. These air conditioning systems are referred to as efficient cooling systems. When the sun shines bright, the solar panels capture more heat and the increase in heat reduces the amount of pressure needed on the loop cycle.

Solar ACs are slightly more expensive and are harder to assemble than a regular air conditioner however, they are economical and would benefit you in the long run. Solar Cooling systems are cost affective. They require solar energy and therefore do not cause a significant change in your electricity bill.

Once set up, they are easy to maintain. Since the solar panels are on the roof, rain works as a natural cleanser for the panels. You will not have to take out time and put in efforts to clean the panels (unless they are really dirty). The reduction in maintenance makes Solar Cooling systems more time effective.

Lastly, Solar Cooling Systems are nature friendly. As we discussed earlier, they use evergreen energy and leads to reduced greenhouse gas productions – something regular air conditioners are notoriously famous for.

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A Bit About Us

Infokool is India’s fastest growing company when it comes to industrial cooling & thermal management segments. We provide customized, energy efficient solar cooling solutions to corporates, commercial destinations as well as residential areas.

Infokool was established in 2008. We started out as a consulting agency for design and thermal management and designed various solar cooling solutions for small enclosures. Today our technical innovation and solar solutions make us a leading industrial cooling & air conditioning industry in India. Infokool has its own manufacturing facility in Thane & Bhiwandi and we have manufactured more than 1,50,000 cooling equipments for clients in India and across the globe. 

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We start by setting up solar panels on your roof and then connect it with your solar cooling system, and battery bank.


Solar cooling systems are easier to maintain when compared to regular cooling systems. Usually, rain is enough to clean the solar panels.

Efficient Energy

Our appliances get unlimited energy because it comes from an evergreen source – the sun. You can use it even if there is no electricity.

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