Free Cooling Unit

The Infokool FCU consist of main components (A)Fan Out unit, (B)Filter Unit and Controller unit. Filter unit is placed on lower level w. r. t. floor preferably at door. Fan outlet is placed on height closer to roof of shelter on diagonally opposite wall. Fan Unit is installed as possible near to BTS so as hot air get directly escaped to atmosphere. The FCU is with backward curve fan which efficiently removes the hot air from room  and creating vacuum in room which pulls in fresh ambient air from filter unit. This process ensures faster movement of hot air and helps in maintaining better Delta T.


Air FlowCubm/ Hr850170020403145
Power Supply 48V DC
Power ConsumptionWatts100208248340
Operating Temperature Range 5-60°C / 0-100%RH
Unit Dimension     
 width mm500590590590
Noise LeveldB62636568
Unit Weight Kgs22252835
Filter Non woven HDPE


  • 48 V DC Operated Controller
  • LED display for healthy /fault
  • Alarm with Potential free NO/C/NC Contacts
    i – High temperature alarm
    ii – Fan failure Alarm
    iii – Sensor failure alarm
  • Reverse polarity Function.
  • LED display.
  • Variable temperature Fan speed controller, thus decreasing power consumption & making it highly efficient.
  • Current sensor to detect fan failure.
  • Voltage protection against fluctuation of loads.
  • Factory settable parameters.
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