Our Company

Infokool is India’s fastest growing company when it comes to industrial cooling & thermal management segments. We provide customised, energy efficient solar cooling solutions to corporates, commercial destinations as well as residential areas.

Infokool was established in 2008. We started out as a consultancy for design and thermal management. We designed various solar cooling solutions for small enclosures. Today our technical innovation and solar solutions makes us a leading industrial cooling & air conditioning industry in India. Infokool has its own manufacturing facility in Thane & Bhiwandi and we have manufactured more than 1,50,000 cooling equipment for clients in India and across the globe. 

Our products are developed with clear two-point focus. We emphasise on being Technologically Superior and offer Energy Saving alternatives to everyone. Infokool Solutions intends to keep the environment clean and green. We are individuals who care about the world around us and intend to conserve it without compromising your comfort.

Our Business Verticles

Infokool Solutions is a single niche that focuses on providing you with environment friendly cooling solutions. With years of experience we have designed and manufactured solar air conditioners and other equipment that efficiently cool living spaces without polluting our surroundings.


IT & Data Center

Industrial Cooling

Solar Cooling (Solace)

Our Team

Infokool has always been extremely passionate about the service we provide and none of this was possible without an efficient and passionate group of individuals who constantly strive to take our business to greater heights. We appointed a team of diligent professionals who have an eye for detail, experience and in-depth knowledge in this domain. They are Infokool’s backbone and provide a qualitative range of Industrial Cooling Equipment and Air Conditioners, to our clients. 

These professionals utilize available resources efficiently and design other business-related activities. All team members maintain a healthy relationship and work towards a healthy work atmosphere where we dedicate ourselves to our clients and provide them with efficient solutions and that best fit their needs. To ensure that our work force is efficient and equipped with the most innovative techniques, we arrange regular training sessions and workshops for them. 

We comprise of the following team members: 

We're ISO Certified!

We Are Pioneers In The Field Of Air Conditioning

Infokool Solution is specialized in designing, developing, manufacturing and supplying the cooling system for varieties of precision cooling and industrial refrigeration applications. Especially designed high sensible, energy  efficient and tropicalized to Indian high ambient condition units for telecom, BTS shelter , servers room, electronic enclosures & industrial process machineries are perfect fit for customer desire of low initial and lessor operational cost Solution.

Infokool continuously invest time and resources in its own R&D for innovation and focused towards latest technology trends. The company is enriched with its 18 years of cooling expertise spread from Telecom, Industrial and precision cooling segment.  Infokool stands for technologically customised product best  suit to a given requirement and customer satisfaction.

Infokool has dedicated its life for the well being of its clients and the world around us. We have been in this industry for more than 10 years and constantly strive to give our customers the most efficient and up to date solar power models. As mentioned earlier, we take great effort in educating our staff members about the latest trends and technologies that are constantly introduced to our niche.

Infokool pays great importance to customer satisfaction and we do not undervalue the amount of trust you have on us. This is why we make it a point to provide you with the best equipment, professional advice, care and unapparelled experience.

For Infokool products, you pay for value. We are here to provide you with the most reasonable solar powered equipment you can find. Our products are cost effective in many ways. Since they are solar powered, they consume very little electricity. Lastly, they require minimal requirement expenditures. So, once you set it up, you don’t have to worry about electricity bills and maintenance costs.

With years of hard work and devotion, we have gained what we deem as extremely valuable – trust. We have worked in a customer centric pattern and this is why many of our customers keep coming back to us for more products and guidance.

We worked very hard to build a strong bond with our customers and are determined to give them the best services possible. Our reliability stands out to our customers and we take great efforts to provide you with the best possible customer experience.

Our Vision

We envision ourselves as the top providers of solar Air Conditioning and Refrigeration products to those who share the same passion towards our environment. However, we also want to be the most accessible solar based industry in and around the world. Our business structure aims to provide facilities even to the most remote parts of our nation, at negligible operating costs. Our accessibility will not compromise on our product quality, which is why we want Infokool’s DC powered products to be an household appliance in the near future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a known name for solar solutions in the near future. We can make this possible by providing our customers with advanced engineering solutions for products and services and other aspects of Telecom Equipment Cooling, Industrial Process Cooling, Precision Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, etc.

We Provide Quality

We are known for a range of products that we provide to the industry. To maintain our high standards, we provide clients with defect-free Industrial Solar Cooling Appliances and Air Conditioners. Our team of adept professionals help us maintain our products and offer clients with the best product in the market.

Quality Components

Our R&D team constantly works on improving existing technology and design to reduce interference, increase efficiency, and lower costs without compromising on quality.

Innovation & Intelligence

We strive to develop new, more efficient means of production and assembly and constantly implement the industry’s best practices wherever applicable.

Adherence To Specifics

We have quality and adherence checks at every production milestone. All finished products go through rigorous testing before they are sent to customers. 

Our Factory

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