Standalone Industrial Split AC

Standalone Industrial Split AC are slim and split models made up of 100% sheet metal to make if Fire proof. These AC’s are designed with intention to overcome the challenges of site space constraints and hence further avoid use of comfort split AC which are not capable of handling telecom heat load. These Standalone split AC are high sensible and high CFM bottom throw AC which ensure efficient cooling. These systems can also be connected with other similar model and hence together they act as a redundant system ensuring high reliable cooling of site.





230VAC Standalone Air Conditioner

Wall Mount

1.25 TON & 2 TON

48VDC Standalone Air Conditioner

Wall Mount

1 TON & 1.25 TON


Split AC DescriptionUnits230VAC Aircon48VDC Aircon 
Cooling Capacity                                                             TR1.25211.25
Power SupplyV/Ph/Hz230VAC230VAC48VDC48VDC
Rated CurrentAmps6.5101519
Air Flowm³/hr1200200012002000
Power Consumption                                                watts15002350700900
Operating Temperature RangeDeg C20-5520-5520-5520-55
IDU Dimension    
ODU Dimension    
Protection Category                        Internal CircuitIP55IP55IP55IP55


  • Designed for 24×7 critical applications
  • High Sensible Cooling
  • High CFM for faster removal of heat
  • No use of plastic components to  ensure fire protection
  • GI powder coated body
  • High Static backward curve fan
  • Microprocessor controller
  • Inbuilt Safety for high/low temperature & Voltage
  • Over/Underload Protection
  • High/Low pressure Switch
  • Can be connected with other standalone AC to work as redundant system
  • Slim IDU & Wall mountable ODU for easy feasibility at telecom sites
  • Bottom throw of conditioned air for uniform room cooling
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