Micro Cooling Units

Micro Cooling Unit (MCU) is small IP 55 cabinet with integrated cooling units and accessories meant to suit the climatic and protective needs of Telecom Infra. The cabinet and cooling solution are most cost effective solution to manage the telecom sites with less cost. Aircon can be combined with FCU or HEX for more energy saving and also redundancy in case of compressor failure. The cabinets come with all accessories required to run the site and can be customised as per need. Our complete expertise in cabinet and cooling solutions assure technically best solution in this product category.


  • Cabinet Size: 16U-30 U
  • Protection level: IP 55
  • Capacity: 500-1000W
  • Supply Voltage: 48VDC
  • Indoor Condition: 27Deg C at 50% RH
  • Outdoor Condition: 43 Deg C
  • Free Cooling Unit/ Heat Exchanger Optional


  • GI Powder coated body
  • Inbuilt safety for High / Low temperature & Voltage.
  • Over / Under load protection.
  • High / Low pressure switch.
  • Vandal proof for outdoor application.
  • Down discharge.
  • Alarms for critical failure.
  • Emergency Free Cooling Unit/HEX
  • Bottom Discharge Machine
  • Alarm History
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