Cabinet With Aircon

Infokool has designed and provided cabinets in various dimensional range with suitable aircon solution to match the customer needs. Cabinets size and accessories are provided as per the customer needs. Aircon are of small capacities easily mountable & serviceable on cabinet and are bottom throw to get high efficient cooling. In Aircon we have huge capacity range starting from 300W to 3000W. AC are available in 48VDC as well as 230VAC Voltage range.


  1. Cabinet Size: 16U-42 U
  2. Protection level: IP 55
  3. Capacity: 300-3000W
  4. Supply Voltage: 48VDC/230VAC
  5. Indoor Condition: 27Deg C at 50% RH
  6. Outdoor Condition: 43 Deg C


  1. High Sensible Cooling
  2. High CFM for faster removal of heat
  3. No use of plastic components to  ensure fire protection
  4. GI powder coated body
  5. High Static backward curve fan
  6. Microprocessor controller
  7. Inbuilt Safety for high/low temperature & Voltage
  8. Over/Under load Protection
  9. High/Low pressure Switch
  10. Can fit easily on cabinet door or panels from side
  11. Can cool efficiently at lower capacity as cabinet area is small
  12. Bottom throw of conditioned air for efficient cooling
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