Battery Cooler

Battery performance is strongly affected by environment temperatures and their life decreases with increase in surrounding temp. Battery Cooler® cabinets are perfect solution which are designed for both indoor and outdoor environments, with a unique combination of low thermal conductive materials and a high-efficiency climate solution. With an extremely cost-effective cooling technology and a cabinet enclosure that allows minimal transfer of heat, we keep your batteries at optimal operating temperature and hence enhances life of battery.



  • Cabinet Size: 16U-42 U
  • Protection level: IP 55
  • Capacity: 500-3000W
  • Supply Voltage: 48VDC
  • Indoor Condition: 27Deg C at 50% RH
  • Outdoor Condition: 43 Deg C


  • High Sensible Cooling
  • High CFM for faster removal of heat
  • No use of plastic components to  ensure fire protection
  • GI powder coated body
  • High Static backward curve fan
  • Logic controller
  • Inbuilt Safety for high/low temperature & Voltage
  • Can cool efficiently at lower capacity as cabinet area is small
  • Bottom throw of conditioned air for efficient cooling

Capacity: 500W, 800W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W

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