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CII Goa Solar Conference

InfoKool Solutions was invited at CII Goa Solar Conference to Present India’s first 48VDC Solar Air Conditioner which completely runs on solar energy. Mr. Praveen Mishra presented the overall concept of Solar Air conditioner to the Goa Govt., Industries & people present in the conference.

In India with increasing humid conditions & rising temperature Air-conditioner have now became more of a necessity, it’s no more a luxury now. However high energy consumption remains the pain point among the consumer for Air conditioner as customer needs to pay huge energy bills even with the inverter Air conditioner as inverter Air conditioners are having AC-DC conversion losses. So now days people are looking for energy efficient solutions for Air conditioner and our 48VDC Solar Air conditioner fits best for their requirements 100% power saving at day time.

We have branded our Solar Products under brand name ‘SOLACE’ currently we have developed two product 48VDC Solar Air conditioner which is having four different variants under Nature+ series and Soler Cooler which is having three different variant Silver, Gold & Platinum.

Our 48VDC Solar Air Conditioner is customise product and it can run on both Off-grid & On-grid Solutions. It works on variable speeds and has smart cooling feature apart from various other features.

We believe future belongs to Solar Energy as with the steady increase in the India’s population our energy demands have increased multi fold and so is our dependency on non-renewable natural resource, which is limited. Hence, it’s the time to rethink our lifestyle and adapt natural friendly solar ways to meet our demands.

We have received great response from Goa Energy Development Agency and we are hopeful that in future we will be working with all the state govt. agencies.

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Renewable Energy Expo In Chennai

Infokool Solution attended Renewable Energy Expo in Chennai. We received great response from the people & corporate houses. We have build very strong network of Dealer Partner in South.

Our Director Mr. Chandru Krishnan

Our Director Mr. Chandru Krishnan having discussion with honourable Minster of Power & Energy Tamilnadu Shri Thiru P. Thangamani on India’s 1st 48VDC Solar Air conditioner.

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